Top 9 things to watch out in SEO for 2019

Nov 11, 2018 | SEO Optimization, Information & Strategies

By: Sonam M. – Photo by Justin Peters

From past couple of years, it is incredible to see how SEO has evolved, and every year we see a bunch of new trends. Anyone who is doing SEO for a long time is aware of how quickly things change in this industry. Marketers know that if a campaign which is deployed across multiple platforms using a wide variety of techniques, it yields better traffic and increases rankings. Therefore, to create a successful SEO strategy, marketers need to keep an eye over the next big things in search engine optimization techniques. As we enter the 4th quarter of 2018, it is essential to know which SEO trends will be popular in 2019. Below are the Top 9 things to watch out for SEO in 2019.

1. Voice Search and Location Search 

Voice search


Voice Search is part of our day to day lives like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant. As per research, voice search is going to make up for 50% of searches in future. People have become dependent on them since most of them prefer using voice recognition software to look out for answers instead of lengthy typing. Companies should focus on using this trend as part of their strategy for communication. Voice search is the beginning of machine learning, and Google is getting better to know regional language and meanings behind searches. Voice search gives a more personalized experience. The brand which caters to this requirement gains importance in the eyes of the public. Voice search produces many long-tail keyword queries which will be a challenge for marketers to optimize for these terms. Hence, SEO experts suggest that marketers should plan for voice-enabled search adaptation in the future. Based on research, mobile consists of 50% of all web traffic and 76% of people who use location search will visit the business in one day. The following data tells us that Location search is growing every year and people will be using mobile phones to find answers.

2. Search through Amazon



Based on Kenshoo study, 56% of consumers search for products on Amazon. It is a massive shift as Amazon could directly compete with Google. Amazon provides their viewers with the ability to see reviews, compare and suggest similar products. Moreover, if people want to buy clothes or gifts, they can directly go to the search bar. Hence, for anyone using Amazon as their primary platform, keywords and item description optimization must be more user-friendly. A company’s SEO strategy must serve consumer intent when they search for specific products.

3. Role of Mobile



As we are aware, businesses need to learn a lot about optimizing their mobile sites to support their SEO campaigns. We can expect mobile penetration to rise in 2019; hence marketers need to prepare their sites to meet the demands of their markets. Businesses must continuously optimize and improve their campaigns to reach out to their mobile users. Google has announced that its algorithms will use the mobile version of a website to rank pages to consider structured data and to present snippets from your site to results. Google is also moving a lot of sites to this index which will be monitored by their search staff. With this change, we can safely bet that SEO in 2019 will favour results that are mobile friendly, and AMP will be rising along with new quick SERP features.

4. User Experience will gain importance

User experience


Behaviour metrics and UX signals are becoming essential for Google. You need to have relevant content to maintain first page rankings. For best user experience, companies must plan an excellent website design which is focused around the user. Google is emphasising on more personalised user experience as it is going to be one of the most significant ranking factors. Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role to provide the best user experience and change the way we do keyword research. For example, predictive analytics will be used by marketers to optimise their digital campaigns and provide users with the best experience in searching for products and services that matter to them.

5. Blockchain is the future

Blockchain integration


Blockchain is going to be revolutionary in the future, but it is one of the most complicated trends for people to grasp. Blockchain is technology backdrop that allows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions to occur. How will it impact SEO? Middlemen like Google will not have all the power in the same way they do now. Companies need a trusted source like Google to connect to appropriate sources or do business legitimately and simultaneously Google takes a large portion of the revenue from these transactions. Since Blockchain will provide identity and security, web companies will do business more directly. Additionally, Blockchain verifies that people based on their web presence and behaviour and reduce click fraud. In the future, people will expect web pages with blockchain code to ensure a more secure method of obtaining products, services and information. Hence, SEO companies will need to look at blockchain integration services.

6. Need to focus on search intent and code optimization

Search intent and code optimization


The significant change in 2019 is that keywords will become less critical and intent behind keywords will be given importance. For example, if someone searches “The best way to cook chicken”. The searcher will like to know the methods to cook chicken along with the optimal method and the intensive process. SEO firms need to focus on research and build information for content which users are not aware. This helps to boost engagement and increase rankings.

7. Content marketing, Social media and Social channels will also have a significant impact on SEO

Social media channels


In 2019, SEO will have a focus on consumer and content. SEO firms will become more experimental and create content specifically for their visitors instead of search engines. To provide value to search engine users, Google focuses on long-form blog posts. So, marketers need to focus on creating articles greater than 600 words. SEO’s will have to focus more on social media optimisation because Google will index and prioritise it over their site pages. Social channels will also be seeing more indexing and users will utilise these social platforms as a search engine.

8. Video SEO will be the trend

Video seo


As per research in the year 2021, 80% of all content on the internet will be coming from videos. Video SEO is better because it is hard to nail every piece of content you publish on your website. Moreover, video content is more shareable than usual articles, and it catches user attention. You can start Video SEO if you know where you are headed, and which content can help you. Video SEO focusses on implementing keywords with engaging title to drive the visitors.


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