5 Basic Elements Of Instagram Your Small Biz Needs To Get Right

Apr 24, 2020 | Social Media

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5 Basic Elements Of Instagram Your Small Biz Needs To Get Right

Instagram is an exciting and potentially profitable platform for small businesses. It’s growing popularity and unique visual layout are huge assets for building the presentation and perception of your brand. With the right execution, Instagram can drive new audiences to your website and develop brand loyalty.


If you fail to get the basics right though you’ll have invested time and money into a social platform that does nothing more than make your business look pretty to a couple of people. Make sure you’re doing right by your small business on Instagram by getting these five basic elements right.

Find and research your ideal customer

Customer research is the cornerstone of a successful social campaign. Investment in a social platform is worthless if your audience isn’t present and engaging with it. Because of its visual nature, Instagram is a very particular social media platform with a unique user base. Prior to launching any social campaigns, make sure that to research what kind of followers you want to attract, how they engage with accounts they follow, and what they react to.


It’s best practice to start following the kind of users you want to attract, especially those already following competitors and brands with a similar visual style and identity. This will give you an initial follower boost that tells Instagram you’re worth paying attention to.

Make great content

There is nothing that Instagram values more, and will consequently rank higher, than high-quality content. The platform is built on showing people great pictures after all.


It’s essential that the content you’re posting is well shot and framed, with a style that appeals to the people you’re looking to engage with. If your audience reacts to behind-the-scenes videos then create well-framed Instagram content that gives little snippets into your workspace. If you’re promoting products, shoot with a professional camera and follow the expectations of an Instagram picture.


Not only does Instagram prioritize well-made content, but your followers will react better to it. Without engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments, your content will never have the potential reach it should. Remember that good content doesn’t just mean visually appealing. Is the content doing the job it should in terms of promoting engagement and pushing people to your website?

Expand your reach with hashtags

Hashtags can be a tricky feature to master, but an extremely effective one for your small business on Instagram. Before you start stuffing your captions with as many hashtags as possible, it’s important you conduct hashtag research to find ones your existing audience reacts to and ones the audience you want to reach are active on. Think about whether the user searching the hashtags you use would actually stop on your picture. Is it relevant and is it as engaging as the other images you’re presented alongside?


While you should be more calculated in what hashtags you use and when to use them, it can benefit your business to capitalize on popular and timely hashtags. This can help you to appear in searches you may not be expected too, which can catch new audiences. Appearing in the explore tab widens your scope and opens up potential engagement not previously possible. Experiment with what methods work for your account but remember to limit the number of hashtags you use on each post.

Integrated your account with your website

Making sure Instagram is integrated with your website CMS is essential for making the management of the platform as easy as possible. Integration can streamline the process of posting content to Instagram and other social platforms. Depending on your CMS, this process can be used to gain insight into your follower and customer behavior. You can clearly see from this the number of sales that are a direct result of social activity on the platform. This process is brilliant for making sure your Instagram is consistent with the brand message across your other social media platforms.


This is also essential for fully utilizing Instagram’s selling functionality. Shoppable posts and shoppable tags on Instagram stories are one of the best ways of directing followers to your web store. A high number of Instagram users use the platform for purchases, especially on mobile, so make sure you’re fully utilizing these features.

Make sure your account highlights what your business does

If your Instagram isn’t giving a clear picture of what your business does you have no hope of attracting an audience. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, your content should reflect your brand’s identity, ideals and the service it actually provides. Some businesses will make their Instagram accounts purely a collection of art they enjoy, but it should always come back to your purpose as a business. Reflect this in the captions, the way you respond to comments and on your bio.


This helps audiences not initially familiar with you understand what you do and why they should be invested. Posting on Instagram and gaining engagement can be fun, but don’t lose sight of its purpose of promoting your business.


If you have an idea for great content and think there is an audience for your business on Instagram then it’s absolutely worth investing in the platform. Like any other social media though you will need a concrete plan for attracting engagement and an idea of the process you want to take your audience through to visit your website.


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