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Meet the Leaders at Guardian Designs

“This is what we do.”

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Dan Richardson – “The Mastermind”


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Brenda Knipple – “The Backup”

Executive Assistant

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Gary Warman – “The Ghost”

Account Manager

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Ali Imran – “The Talent”

Lead Developer

Shayum Pulickan entry level designer for Guardian Designs

Shyam Pulickan – “The Clutch”

Data Entry

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Vikas Jaiswara – “The Vision”

Graphic Designer

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Who We Are & Where We Come From

Being a next generation internet marketing company we understand the need for proven history, experience, and continued education. Our team has over 25+ years of experience in the various areas of our industry.

Members of our staff have extensive experience in Network Programming and Security with various agencies. We have experience in Artificial Intelligence Learning Algorithm Programming with various global corporations. Our developers and designers all have degrees graduating in the top of their class. We are a Certified Google Partner with developer and webmaster accounts for many internet platforms including Google

Members of our staff have experience managing very large companies from the top levels of management as well as project coordinating experience including a Major League Baseball Stadium. Bringing all these areas and extensive depth of experience together makes Guardian Designs an excellent source of knowledge and insight that can help propel any company to the next level.

Let Our Years Of Experience And Vertically Integrated Platform Work For You