Call Tracking

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What Makes Call Tracking so Effective?

The Next Generation in Call Monitoring Lead Management. Every Call, Every Detail, Every Time.

Call tracking chart showing marketing source, geographic locations, time of call, name, duration and lead status.

Clear and Intuitive Real-time Dashboard

Call Tracking gives you the ability to monitor geographic location, time of call, length of call, source phone number, first time or repeat caller and even call recording you have a highly versatile and vertically integrate call monitoring adaptation to your business. This allows you to find out with sources of advertising are most effective by monitoring which phone numbers from which source are generating the most leads.

You can also monitor your peak time, calls that were abandoned as well as the context of the phone call with the ability to enable recording (with a proper pre-answer prompt disclaimer). Having this ability allows you to streamline your ad campaigns to maximize your budget as well as identifying which organic source is generating the most traffic to your business so you can focus market to the most effective areas.

Call source dashboard analysis tool

Online & Offline Call Tracking Software

Take advantage of our powerful call analytics software by assigning a phone number to each unique online or offline marketing campaign. This will ensure you can easily understand which are driving your calls. Use our Dynamic Number Insertion on your website to easily display the correct tracking phone number depending on how the visitor arrives on your website. Then similarly, place a unique phone number on an offline campaign to see which phone leads originated from that campaign.

Review online or offline analytics and conversions to fully understand the successes of each campaign. This allows you to completely tailor your marketing strategies based on real results. Being able to track successes back to campaigns will help you make important decisions like expanding or shutting down a campaign, or optimizing for better performance. Here are some several examples of how online and offline analytics can be tracked:

Received calls dashboard analysis tool

Calls by Day and Time

Receive a report based on the day and time of calls received.

Call tracking software - missed call dashboard analysis tool

Calls by Answered and Missed

Receive a report based on the calls received that were answered and missed.

Call tracking software - integration dashboard analysis tool

Call Tracking Integrations for Analytics & CRM

Integrate Your Phone Call Analytics for Deeper Marketing Insights. (1)

Sophisticated Multi-Function Call Tracking With A.I. Filter Screening