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The Latest Strategies with an “Old School” Client Relation Approach

First Things First! Thank You!

The fact that you came this far is HUGE! So, again, thank you.

The Guardian Comfort

Before you start we simply want to say thank you. From one source or another; whether it be a personal referral, social media or search engine query you found us and are taking the time to read this. We honestly appreciate how valuable everyone’s time is. There are only 24 hours in a day and you decided to take a few moments from yours to look over our company.

We confidently state we are at the forefront of strategies, technology, education and research for internet marketing and web presence management platforms, however, we offer a completely different approach in customer service. It is the way we cater to our clients that make us a premier agency. We focus on developing stable, consistent client relationships that last the life of the business.

We are not an agency simply focused on cultivating new sales to keep the lights on. Weighing all the options in market research to develop our platform, creating a very manageable pricing structure and treating our clients with that “old school” personal catered to touch makes Guardian Designs so unique in its approach that our clients feel secure, thankful, confident and can never imagine going anywhere else.

The Guardian Confidence

The primary feedback we get from all of our clients is simply confidence. Confidence in our abilities to manage every aspect of your web presence. More over our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to be a valuable resource of information.

Questions that you never thought you would have, questions that you never knew you would need to ask all of those soft intangibles about internet marketing and web presence management that you may never knew existed are all things that our clients have found out matter. Search engines are free organic advertising for your business and as such having an agency that is a paramount resource of information, practices, strategies and innovative applications are a standard for any business.

Having us “in your back pocket” at all times gives you the confidence and security to move forward and focus on other dynamics inside your business that deserve your attention. We provide a completely vertically integrated platform with an expansive knowledge base that gives you the confidence to rest easy knowing your business is statistically rising, expanding and becoming a force to be reckoned with on the internet.

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Dan and his company are amazing! He has done such a wonderful job working with me to get my website to be everything I want it to be! 🙂 His customer care is out of his world ? I highly recommend Dan and Guardian Designs!!!

Maria Clemens - Owner of MAC's Lash and Skin Studio

Guardian Designs has absolutely blown me away with the amount of passion and creativity that goes into their work. Stunning and beautiful, the design team and their CEO Dan, really pull out anything you can think of for your website!. Amazing job!

Dalton Jones - Owner at The Ocean Blue Store

Wonderful company. They did wonders for my SEO thanks again

Barry Arendt - Owner ThinkEZIT Solutions

Fantastic Company! Worked with them every step of the way and they made sure they provided us with exactly what we were looking for. They went the extra mile taking our company's concept and made a stellar platform. Highly recommended and advise everyone to give them a shot.

Geoffrey Bricker - COO of Hanover Hearing Center

Their reliability is like none other. Extremely pleasant and easy to work with. It's been a while since I've seen customer service like this.

Austin Gomez - Mechanical Design Engineer Co-op at Altec Industries

Guardian built me an incredible site for The Beatnik Brotherhood and even helped coordinate a collaboration with one of his other local clients to help me gain exposure!

Mike Porcenaluk - Owner of The Beatnik Brotherhood

I had photographs done of my bands first official show and it was fantastic. Very professional and a great value also! Would recommend to a friend!

Will Brandt - Lead Singer of My Final Confession

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