SEO and Social Media Analytics

All of Your Standard Analytics in One Pane of Glass with Advanced Monthly SEO Tracking, Audits & Insights

Vertically Integrated Analytics for your SEO and Social Media Accounts from One Platform

Immediate, Essential Information

The Guardian Design Client SEO Report dashboard gives you all of the campaign’s essential information in a quick glance. You no longer have to switch between different marketing dashboard software to see how your campaigns are performing.

Local and Global Rank Tracking

Track rankings in the area of your choice. Whether you’re doing a global campaign, country-level campaign or a city-level campaign for a local business.

Keyword Research

Our SEO rank tracker can help identify high growth keywords or uncover niche keywords you may have missed. Simply input your keywords into the ranking tool to discover similar keywords and their respective search volume. Track these new keywords over time and watch your efforts pay off.

Essential SEO Tool

Guardian Designs Client SEO Report pulls data from Majestic at no extra cost to give you a detailed backlink profile for your clients’ projects. You can see what websites link to it, the strength of the backlinks, the anchor text and more.

360° View

Guardian Designs Client SEO Report integrates the PPC sources you need: Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Guardian Designs Call Tracking. Don’t waste time switching through tools and making spreadsheets by hand, we’re the only PPC reporting tool you need.

Track Call Conversions

Analyze the performance of your client’s advertising campaigns by measuring which sources are converting to phone leads. View specific call information including location, name and even listen to a recording of the call. We integrate Guardian Designs Call Tracking into this. (1)

Advanced Monthly Analytics with In-depth Website Statistics & Strategies

Keyword Analysis Reinvented

With Guardian Designs advanced SEO strategies will not only find thousands of keywords for you; it’ll also help you pick the best ones and prioritize them for targeting. Apart from the search volume, competition, and Keyword Efficiency, we can calculate Keyword Difficulty for every term — a complex metric that takes into account all SEO strengths and weaknesses of your top 10 competitors.

Used together, these sources will give you thousands of keywords you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. As you find keyword ideas, we will automatically group them by topic, so you can analyze and target entire keyword groups instead of going through the countless terms one by one.

Custom Rankings & Domain Analytics

Looking to track rankings for a location different than your own? Or, perhaps, a few of those? You’ve come to the right place. Guardian Designs Advanced SEO Strategies has the tools that accurately track positions for any custom location of your choice: country, state, city, or even an exact street address.

In addition, Guardian Designs uses keyword research tools that have key analytic platforms integrated like Google AdWords Keyword Planner; Competition research and Keyword Discovery; Google Trends, Related Searches, and Autocomplete; and Google Analytics and Search Console for terms you already rank for.

Technical Site Auditing

WebSite Auditing from Guardian Designs will reveal every issue on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience: broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile usability, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, meta, keywords and semantic analysis.

Back Link Prospect Analytics

Part of our advanced SEO strategies is gathering all kinds of stats and insights to check the value of a potential back link prospect. We see the value of the prospect by looking at its quality factors, such as Page/Domain Authority, Domain age, Alexa, social media metrics, etc.


Anti-Penguin Link Audit & Cleanup

We analyze the links that can cause a Google penalty. We identify spammy and harmful links with a Penalty Risk metric, calculated based on the same factors Google is known to use in algorithmic and manual penalties. If we detect a threat we can neutralize it using disavow file generator, without having to bother about the tricky syntax of Google disavow files.

Intelligent On-Page SEO audit

Measure optimization rates for any page and any keyword, based on the pages of your top ranking competitors and your own on-pages stats. Get keyword- and page-specific optimization advice, and reverse-engineer your competitors’ strategies to see exactly what makes them rank high.

Back Link Opportunity Research

We research the 10 most effective prospecting mechanisms (guest posting, directories, reviews, etc.). We will find a favorable amount of relevant prospects for you. This is for any SEO campaign and an effective web presence strategy.


Powerful Linking Domain Analytics

We provide you and your business with comprehensive analytics on all links to any site. We look deep into these stats and research your backlinks for details on every link. We analyze your linking domains for an in-depth analysis of each referring domains and anchors & pages for stats on anchor text and linked-to URLs.

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Dan and his company are amazing! He has done such a wonderful job working with me to get my website to be everything I want it to be! 🙂 His customer care is out of his world ? I highly recommend Dan and Guardian Designs!!!

Maria Clemens - Owner of MAC's Lash and Skin Studio

Guardian Designs has absolutely blown me away with the amount of passion and creativity that goes into their work. Stunning and beautiful, the design team and their CEO Dan, really pull out anything you can think of for your website!. Amazing job!

Dalton Jones - Owner at The Ocean Blue Store

Wonderful company. They did wonders for my SEO thanks again

Barry Arendt - Owner ThinkEZIT Solutions

Fantastic Company! Worked with them every step of the way and they made sure they provided us with exactly what we were looking for. They went the extra mile taking our company's concept and made a stellar platform. Highly recommended and advise everyone to give them a shot.

Geoffrey Bricker - COO of Hanover Hearing Center

Their reliability is like none other. Extremely pleasant and easy to work with. It's been a while since I've seen customer service like this.

Austin Gomez - Mechanical Design Engineer Co-op at Altec Industries

Guardian built me an incredible site for The Beatnik Brotherhood and even helped coordinate a collaboration with one of his other local clients to help me gain exposure!

Mike Porcenaluk - Owner of The Beatnik Brotherhood

I had photographs done of my bands first official show and it was fantastic. Very professional and a great value also! Would recommend to a friend!

Will Brandt - Lead Singer of My Final Confession

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