Web Design And Graphic Design

Cultivating a Unique Vision For Your Brand To Provide A One Of A Kind Digital Interpretation For The World

Visually Stunning Web Design Integrated With Advanced SEO And Speed

Person interactive with the cms (content management system) on a tablet sitting at a desk beside a cell phone and laptop for web design

CMS – Content Management System

We use a CMS on all our web designs. The most popular and user-friendly CMS is WordPress which is by far our client preferred content management system. However other CMS platforms like Drupal, Magneto & Joomla are also available if you have a preference.

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Custom Built Websites

No matter which CMS you choose to use we incorporate a custom web design built from the ground up. We NEVER use pre-built or purchased templates in any way. Every website we build is a 100% unique design catered specifically to your brand.

Photographer examining and critiquing photographs in print and digital format

Custom Photography

As a part of our brand platform, we offer custom photography for your business and products. We will come to you for personal photo shoots of everything you have to offer. This provides a one of a kind insight into your business and offers that personal touch in some of the images on your website.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

As of the beginning of 2017 Google started to provide very friendly SEO for those websites, pages, and blogs that are what are considered AMP friendly. This does not simply mean mobile friendly but a style of coding that allows accelerated mobile loading. Many standard platforms simply do not have the capability to offer AMP style pages. For example, Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, and MoPro are not AMP supported platforms. Here at Guardian Designs AMP friendliness comes standard with your Brand Management.

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Google Search Console Indexing & Monitoring

One of the most important and often over looked strategies for proper brand management is not only submitting your website to Google Search Console but continued monitoring of server errors, AMP indexes, Structured Data entry and errors as well as proper sitemap and robot.txt file integrations. Many agencies will submit your site for indexing on the initial launch but continued monitoring, index updating, and analysis are all parts of the Guardian Designs Brand Management Platform.

Laptop with code on screen

Structured Data Integration

This type of data is critical for organic SEO optimization. Many websites and especially “drag and drop” user-friendly platforms do not use this style of coding and data entry simply because it is very complicated, intense and can often trigger site errors if not integrated properly. However, the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & Baidu have come together in agreement for this type of data recognition with their crawl tactics. This strategy is a part of our platform and included in your Brand Management.

Catered Graphic Design Created to Speak Your Brand Effortlessly

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Print & Digital Formats

No matter what style of graphic design you need, or what application you are using we have the file format that is right for you. Some printing companies prefer JPG, PNG or PDF. Other prefer a vector like AI or SVG. Some places like very saturated images done in a TIFF or RAW format. No matter what your needs are we have you covered.

Brand development and graphic design tools for brainstorming session. Pencils, notepads, cell phone, sketches sitting on a desk.

Brand Image Consulting

When it comes to properly identifying your brand in one effective image that isn’t too busy and is also easily transferable for printing purposes we have you covered. We will take your concept and cater a graphic design that is elegant, clean, effective for marketing and most importantly transferable between digital and printing formats.

Digital sketch pad with pen.

Custom Designs

One of the many challenges businesses find is creating a custom design from scratch. Whether it’s your entire website, logo or a print ad coming up with genuine and unique designs every time can get demanding. Here at Guardian Designs we pride ourselves on originality and creating custom designs that aren’t template adjustments.

A Few Examples Of Our Graphic Designs

Carlisle hope station black cultural festival flyer
Carlisle petroleum safety and efficiency agreement flyer
Sunshine salon stay natural flyer
Cyp professional development flyer

It’s Simple, We Manage Every Area Of Your Brand.