Wholesale And Drop Shipping Management

We Engineer Systems To Manage Your E-commerce Wholesale Design, Printing, Shipping, And Profit Margins

Design On Demand, Get Test Prints, Drop Ship, And Manage Your Cost Variants

Why Use The Wholesale “Print On Demand” Method?

First of all, it’s easy. With print on demand, you save time and money. That’s because there’s no need for huge investments, no need for storage space or inventory. Furthermore, you pay only after you sell, you never go out of stock and you never have unsold products – the kind which usually ends up as Christmas presents for your relatives.

With this technique, you get stunning product images for your store – and the creation process is fast and simple. You also have automated print on demand order fulfillment and shipping – which means that you have a lot more time on your hands to focus on your designs and growth as well as never running out of stock. 

What Is Drop Shipping?

Essentially drop shipping is order fulfillment by the print provider. This means you get virtual inventory from a third party who processes orders. So, our platform acts as an intermediary between your e-commerce shop and the print provider. Therefore, all orders get sent directly to your customers with your branding on the packaging.

We enable print on demand drop shipping for apparel, phone cases, pillows, shower curtains, mugs, posters and more through our easy-to-use app. With our mockup generator, publishing new goods to your e-commerce shop becomes a quick and easy process. We handle the billing, print providing requests and shipping so you don’t have to. So, you see, print on demand drop shipping saves you time and effort.

Product Catalog

Print on demand product catalog

Print Provider Selection

On demand print provider selection

Preparing Your Design For Printing

First of all, before you start creating your products, make sure that your designs are made according to a few simple guidelines. 

If you’re preparing a design for apparel, make sure that your design has a transparent background. The resolution should be set to 300 ppi. All products have a recommended image size – it’s different for most of the products. If your image resolution is lower than required, your product will be printed in bad quality.

Every design that is to be printed on a particular product for the first time goes through a quality control process. If there are any issues in your design that may lead to a bad quality print – you’ll be notified. However, changes will not be made to your design files.

Most importantly, before you create products, you should check out our Design Guide and make sure that your designs are prepared according to the guidelines. This includes copyright laws, which means you can only use designs which belong to you or for whose use you have express permission.

Mockup Generator And Design Detail Edits

Once you have made sure that your design is prepared according to the guidelines, you can start creating your products.

First of all, select a product that you want to create. Then upload your design in the mockup generator. When you have done that, check out if your design looks like you imagined it. If needed, edit image positioning and size. Select your product variants – in which sizes, colors etc. you want to sell this product. You can also add different artwork for each color variant to ensure good contrast.

Make sure you deselect some variants if there are more than 100 variants as our platforms API integration only allows for up to 100 product variants per product.

By pressing “Preview” in the mockup generator you see how your product would look in real life – and access your high definition mockup images.

Once you have finished designing your product, you need to edit the product title, description, and prices.



Product Design And Editor

Print on demand product catalog

Product Previewer

Print on demand product catalog

Select Color Variants

When you make sure your design is prepared according to the guidelines, it’s ready for the mockup generator were you select your designs and product colors.

Select Cost Variants

We have also already set retail prices for your products – inspired by industry standards. However, you can change these prices to any amount you want. It depends on the concept of your store and your product design.

Select Sizing And Descriptions

We’ve prepared standard content for your storefront, but if you want to add a personalized touch to your products, you should edit the title and description.

Print on demand color selector examples
Print on demand product price variation settings
Print on demand product description editor
Print on demand product color selector
Print on demand product wholesale price
Print on demand product sizing table

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