Gracefull Heart

A Holding Space For Healing

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Bold Design With Large E-Commerce Capabilities

  • Custom Theme Designed For Industry Specific Feel And Features
  • Large E-Commerce Functionality Built For Ease Of Use
  • Web And Instore Point Of Sale Redesign To Streamline Store Logistics
  • Multiple Conversion Points Designed To Maximize Customer Engagements 
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Search Engine Rankings

  • Large Increase In Search Engine Visibility For Local Areas
  • Continued Keyword & Keyphrase Ranking Increases
  • Continued SEO Algorithm Updates And Adjustments
  • Elevated To And Maintained Top Rankings
Gracefull Heart google SEO website ranking statistics

Web Traffic Analysis

  • Wide Focus On Broad Keyword Visibility
  • Consistent Flow Of Residual And New Customers Widening Customer Area/Base
  • Sole Marketing Channel Is Organic Conversions Via Natural SEO
  • Central Keyword Search Results For Specific Conversions
Gracefull Heart google web traffic analytics

Call Volume

  • Effective Use Of Call Tracking Platform
  • Significant Increase Of Call Volume
  • Web Design Identifies Quick Call-To-Action Trends 
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Traffic Increase

Ranking Keyword Increase

Top 10 Keywords


Call Increase

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