MAC’s Lash and Skin Studio

“The Happiest Girls Are The Prettiest!” – Audrey Hepburn

Subtle Design Built To Feature Services, Information, And Products

  • Large And Continually Increasing Platform Designed for Information And E-Commerce
  • Custom Photography Integrated To Feature Natural Beauty Of Day Spa
  • Continually Rotating Information Via Blog Articles And Products Designed For Visibility
  • Custom “Soft And Beautiful” Design Meant To Draw Clients Into Subtle Details 

Search Engine Rankings


  • Increased Overall Search Engine Visibility


  • Continued Keyword & Keyphrase Ranking Increases


  • Continued SEO Algorithm Updates And Adjustments 


  • Heavy Integration Of Social Media And Blogging Strategies

Web Traffic Analysis


  • Intense Focus On Industry Specific Keyword Visibility Increase


  • Social Media And Blogging Practices For Maximum Information Resources


  • Sole Marketing Channel Is Organic Conversions Via Natural SEO


  • Consistent Search Results For Industry Specific Phrasing Capitalizing Residual R.O.I.

Call Volume


  • Effective Use Of Call Tracking Platform


  • Multiple Numbers Integrated For An Employee Business Card Tracking System


  • Healthy Phone Call Increases From Brand Awareness Increasing Clientele



Traffic Increase

Ranking Keyword Increase

Top 10 Keywords


Call Increase

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