The Woods at Barnitz

Gorgeous Custom Home Community Nestled In The Appalachian Mountains

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Gallery Style Features Designed To Accent Community

  • Custom Photographs Integrated Into Randomized Galleries Throughout Site
  • Community Friendly Features Designed To Enhance Features Of Location
  • History Of Land And Community Accents Traditional Country Aspects
  • Wide Reach From Unique Information Style Acquires Leads From All Over East Coast
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Search Engine Rankings

  • Search Engine Visibility Increases For Large Geographic Area
  • Continued Keyword & Keyphrase Ranking Increases
  • Continued SEO Algorithm Updates And Adjustments
  • Elevated Visibility And Achieved Top Rankings In Local Community
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Web Traffic Analysis

  • Community Feature Focus On Broad Keyword Visibility
  • Consistent New Potential Homeowners From Northeast Drawn To Area
  • Sole Marketing Channel Is Organic Conversions Via Natural SEO
  • Consistent Conversions Via Local Community Attractions And Quality Of Relocation 
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Organic Click Increase

  • Effective Community And Feature Information Increases Outer Region Interest
  • Significant Increase In Clicks Via Search Engine Results
  • Substantially Increase Impression Rate Maximizing Visibility 
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Traffic Increase

Ranking Keyword Increase


Impression Increase


Click Increase

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